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Clitoria ternatea (butterfly pea) flower extract

Clitoria ternatea is a perennial herb more commonly known as butterfly pea because of the pea-shaped, wing-like flowers it produces. All parts of this plant have benefit for skin, making it another interesting natural ingredient to consider--and note that the flowers of this plant do not contain aromatic compounds known to irritate skin.

The root portion of this plant contains numerous compounds that have been shown to calm skin and visibly reduce redness from external irritants. All parts of the plant can increase the presence of the body’s “master antioxidant”, glutathione, as well as act as an antioxidant itself.

The flower extract from butterfly pea has been shown in studies to also have anti-glycation properties. This is important for younger-looking skin, because by-products from glycation (a process in which rogue sugar molecules break down proteins in the body) can lead to collagen loss, resulting in wrinkles becoming more prominent and firmness decreasing.

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Althea officinalis

* Marshmallow

* Marshmallow

Althea Officinalis, or Marshmallow root, is high in starch and mucilagenous polysaccharides, which form a protective gel, along with flavonoids and anthocyanidins. This protective layer over the mucous membranes and skin effectively soothes irritation and relieves inflammation. The root of Marshmallow can promote tissue fluid generation and increase moisture in deficient skin conditions. Marshmallow is used in cosmetics for its soothing, moistening, and calming properties on the skin.